Dutch Art and Design

One of the most interesting things to note about the differences between Dutch Art and Italian Renaissance art is the distinction between what is all there — the lack of hidden messages or morals behind a piece. Dutch Art is noted to have a clear cut and realistic way of delivering the world back to us as it is.

“Southern Mode” work would be portrayed as a window of sorts, implying there is more beyond the pictorial plane before the viewer, “Northern pictorial modes” is exemplified more as a mirror that allows the viewer to reabsorb the world in an altered way but still true to the reality of the world with nothing additional portrayed.

I actually really like this idea, it fits the bluntness and honesty that lies in Dutch culture and also allows creative ways to view the art. Sometimes the idea of interpretation can lead to less than stellar work, especially in the modern art era we live in today. The honesty and almost reflection of a familiar world is not only comforting but almost exciting as it allows the viewer to appreciate reality and what’s there right in front of them.